Death & Taxes: The Inevitability of Stringent Instability


“Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” – Ben Franklin

“The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.” – Will Rogers

Politicians, almost as if it was their job, amend this statement to their liking. Much like an idiom, the context and intent of their actual work can become very convoluted.

We are constantly told about how bad illegal immigration is.
Why is it bad for us? Why is it illegal? Why are all these people coming here illegally? How difficult is it to get citizenship?

If you’re the average voter, you don’t care about knowing this side of these things. You heard a vague statistic that says that the middle class ends up paying for the taxes that immigrants skip out on, and the schooling and medical care they receive. It is true, but you also already pay for that for the poor. Which leads us to…

There are the poor, the middle class and the rich. The argument between the Republicans and the Democrats is which of these is causing the nation’s problems. That argument is an illusion. The rich are on both sides, and they agree on one thing: More Government. So slowly we move towards a more totalitarian state, because populism is giving the masses what they want, and totalitarianism is going to tell them how to live their lives. Reading this, you may say “Hey, you said you are going to talk about welfare.” Well I am, because why do you think that the burden of the poor is felt by the middle class? The rich know how to divide themselves from the poor so that the middle class feels the burden. This will always be so, so how do we fix it? Less government. More freedom.

Populism is Totalitarianism
The common thread here is that government programs require bureaucracy that is unchecked by the public. All the checks and balances in the world won’t work without the people being informed and understanding what is happening, because that is all bureaucracy checking on itself, so that turns into a quid pro quo situation very quickly.

So all you people supporting an average Republican or Democrat are actually just putting someone in power who is Populist, and likely a Totalitarian. The only way to make life more free, decrease harmful spending, and stop deflating the currency is to stop intervening in things the federal government has no business doing. That is the entire intent behind the Bill of Rights.

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This is the reason that Rand Paul is the only good choice for the United States.


Death of a Policeman

I have tried very hard for a very long time to be neutral about the spirit that is in this nation. I have no qualms about telling you that both sides of pretty much every argument in this nation are wrong, and in-and-of themselves polarizing.

“You’re either for Us or against Us”

The politics of this nation do not represent the people of this nation, therefore the policies of this nation do not represent this nation. Furthermore, this policy is enacted by public servants who do not interpret the law, but are bound by it. This is the executing part of the executive branch. The Military, and Police.

I can tell you that the men and women in these forces are conflicted. All of them? No, there will always be an unthinking majority. This is where these people honestly represent the public, in the way that the public does not want.

Because the public also has an unthinking majority. The people do not know what governs them. The police do not know what governs them. The military does not know what governs them. Without education, ignorance seeks power or authority.

Some are asking that we respect cops. Some are asking that cops respect us. Very few see it as a two-way street. Those who respect cops defend cops. Those who ask for respect defend the disrespected. Both of these are absolutes that do not beg the question “is the person we support wrong?”

In many cases, both sides are wrong. Who is more wrong? Why?
This requires thinking, and an unthinking majority accepts the polarized thought, rather than creating their own.

An informed opinion is never based on somebody else’s opinion, lest you empower others to do your thinking for you.” – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

I understand that one group of people feels misrepresented by the authority of outsiders coming into their neighborhoods. I know that those authorities do not follow proper protocol all the time.

Where the entire dynamic breaks down is when someone injures, maims, or kills someone without provocation. This recent string of cop killings is ludicrous. Revenge is not Justice. Revenge is barely Vigilantism.

But the death of one does not merit the death of another. Two wrongs do not make a right. Turn the other cheek. There are better ways of dealing with societal problems than escalating them further. If you are going to wreck into a tree, you don’t accelerate, you brake.

The law must be interpreted. The law was written to help. If the law does not help, it must be changed. If the law being ignored can help more people than the law being followed, then we must ignore the law, but in ignoring the law we must understand its meaning before we discard it. We also must understand the law before it is enforced.
(this is why I watch the Andy Griffith show)

We must properly represent ourselves. We must become educated. We must care for one another. We will always have different ways of doing that; it is cultural. But our culture, our things, our lives are not more important than the community.

I can do all things through Cultural Christianity

Original Post

The OP writer has a Culturally Christian view. Even Christ denied acknowledgement from the demons of who he was. He told the people he healed to tell only the Priests.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” is not an affirmation of what I can do, but of how powerful Christ is.

So if anyone says “Ron is great”
I say “Sometimes”
or “That can be disputed”
or “Not really.”

That’s why Christianity is where it is today. Because we accept the laurels intended for Christ.

It is totally understandable to sympathize with the situation, but self-aggrandizing is just a gateway to harder substances sins. The King of All denied himself. Self-denial is just another stage of self-government.

I really don’t want to sound judgmental,  I just wanted to point out the systemic problem. Cultural Christianity is the biggest stumbling block to faith in the world today.

The Duggars, Ashley Madison, and Cultural Christianity

The OP’s (original post) argument is self-refuting. I agree that this is Josh’s fault. But when it comes to Anna’s choice, Moses clearly established divorce, and most clearly it is defined in the Bible that infidelity is the only real basis for divorce.

Jesus then answers, “Because of your hardness of heart Moses permitted you to divorce your wives; but from the beginning it has not been this way. And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery” (Matthew 19:7-9).

The problem is “American Christian Culture” not the Bible, not Jesus, not God. These people are like idols. Tragic heroes, inherently flawed, and put under a microscope, and extreme pressure. We are always called to be more than the sum of our parts.

Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. – Sherlock Holmes

Read the original post:op
The truth in this situation is that however comfortable Anna is in her box, however she defines that box, with religion or cultural misunderstandings of that faith, she must make a decision.

Without knowing this show at all, or these people, based entirely on the preceding post, and the Bible, it is exceedingly clear that she must redefine her faith, and leave this man.

The OP is self-refuting because it neuters the actions of someone by their cultural limits, rather than using an empirical view, and allowing them to grow beyond who they were yesterday, who they are today, and into who they will be tomorrow.

This is no one individual’s fault. This is a flaming indictment of cultural Christianity. There can be no reason, there can be no thought, just blind obedience to the entertainment. That is not biblical. Ask Solomon, David, Johnathan, or nearly any leader in the Bible.

We are called to be strong in faith, and humble in ourselves. Dogmatic principles are not binding. Leaders pointing to God, not developing barriers to help others avoid obstacles, because those barriers become obstacles.

Christ came to repeal the law, because it was an obstacle to the faith. They are guidelines, not rigid barriers in the sense that they only damn you if you fall over and do not repent.

My love/hate relationship with the U.S. Marine Corps

A more appropriate title might be “Why I hate the Corps but love Marines.”

Because there is a lot of stupidity. Individually, and Organizationally. But it takes something special to become the 1% (Marines) of the 1% (Military). And I’m not saying I’m special, or some unique flower, but on average the Marine is a different breed from the other forces. The Marines care about one another, as little or as much as they profess it. No matter how much I hated a guy at work, it still made my blood boil when I heard they were in trouble. No matter how ignorant, irreverent, illogical, or idiotic they were.

But today was a great day for the World. Some U.S. servicemembers took down a guy wielding an AK and 300 rounds (bullets). That is like 300 lives saved. It is actually taught to not intervene in these kinds of situations, but that goes against every fiber of being a Marine.

And I vehemently oppose the U.S. being the world police. It is because of bureaucracy, it is because of the nonchalance of the bloated branches (Army, mostly). Most Marines see the people of the world as people. The average U.S. Citizen does not.

Counterintuitively, this is why we must stop intervening in remote parts of the world.

One of the servicemembers is thought to be in critical condition. It is hard to emote what pain it is to know a brother is in pain.
It is much harder to express how passionately angry you can get when you know that many politicians see these guys as numbers and statistics, and can sacrifice them for no legitimate reason. Whether that be because they paint Weapons of Mass Destruction on a satellite image and lie to the United Nations (George W. Bush), or not listening to wise advice and putting an embassy in a blowback situation (Hillary Clinton, CIA)

So if it ever seems like I talk about politics too much, it is because the lives of heroes like these Marines are on the line. Not because of something they did, not because someone is threatening our Nation, but because some crotchety old people think that their lives are less important because they signed up. It is truly the opposite, they have become more in order to do more.

**in light of more factual information this post has been altered.**

Islamophobia and Regressiveness

Today’s intellectuals take issue with today’s church. The looming question is do they have a point?

Early in the rise of Islam, Algebra was invented in the Middle-East. In fact, the Middle-East was far more advanced than European Nations of the time. Subsequently, the Islamic Caliphate took over North Africa and regions in southwest Europe. Shortly there afterward, in their hubris, there was a movement to reject this academic progress they attained. This lost them all the territorial gains and scientific progress they had made.

So the question is do today’s intellectuals have a point? I won’t ask anyone to believe in anything that they feel is against God, but throughout time there are the devout who persecute science, the devout who simply reject science, and the devout who discover the mysteries of God that are science. Let us not be a stumbling block to progress, because this is a stumbling block to these intellectuals. Let us not think ourselves greater than other people group.

We see ourselves as some kind of perfection which is arrogant and unkind. During their golden age, the Islamic Caliphate discovered and named the majority of the stars in the sky. Just because today we have, and they have not, does not mean that we lord it over or claim ourselves supreme. We have done nothing to warrant our smug superiority, and we need to return to humility.

Our Greatest Enemies

The greatest enemies are not terrorism and drugs.
Many men and women die fighting these foes.
But the greatest enemies have infiltrated over time,
and become intrinsic to the fabric of our country.
The greatest enemies are ignorance and apathy.
Men and women toil and die to fight these.
And a proud and haughty populous announces
“I don’t know about that, nor do I care.”
We accept and believe without any proof,
we allow transgressions for “the greater good”
but we don’t care enough to know what we’ve lost
or in which direction we’re hastily herded.