The Crosses at Pendleton

It has been almost two years since I left active duty in the Marine Corps. There are a very few things that shake me to my core. One of them is the day we hiked to the crosses at Camp Pendleton.

I didn’t expect an experience. I raced to the top, and there were offerings beneath the crosses; for the fallen. I haven’t lost anyone close to me, or even seen combat. It was the overwhelming loss that was there. It wasn’t the perfect tribute to God, it was brokenness of a culture that knows no limits except death. And that is all that they were dealt. Death, and more death. This warrior culture, broken for their brothers and sisters, with no recourse. I wasn’t the only one in tears.

You can say we joined to serve. They didn’t join to die in vain. The willingness to face an untimely death is a fear that must be stared down, that is courage.

So it is times like this where I think of how little my life, my brothers’ lives, our servicemembers’ lives mean to those in Washington DC. It is shameful. I’m not an emotional person, but this is inhumanity.


Faith is Commitment, Religion is Discipline

I was thinking about the devotion that following Christ entails. On the most basic level, going to church buildings is a discipline developing obedience.

Timeliness was implemented in my family early on. We had dinner at 6, and were in our room by 8, with lights out by 9. The discipline built our commitment, and the commitment enabled our discipline.

Jesus is selfless. The man who was fully God died for sins he did not commit, so we would know mercy. He chose to serve, rather than be served, so that we might know grace.

Imagine if we had a generation of timely, committed, disciplined, selfless, merciful, and gracious people. On time, working for others, a tithe of forgiveness, and a offering of help.

We don’t need authorities to tell us how to do these things, we need the self-control to implement them ourselves. I was lucky enough to have them implemented in my childhood, and perhaps I’ve strayed from them, but I recognize my mistakes because of them. It is the law from love.

Sol: Type 2: Part 2: More Subtitles: More Pseudoscience

from July 22, 2015 at 11:03am

I realized I left out some stuff out. (Kind of unbveleiveable if you read the last note)


More Pseudoscience


Ocular I/O – Device located on the temple to implant and extract visual information.


Auditory I/O – Device located behind the ear to implant and extract sound information.


Firewall – Blocks outside requests for information that have not yet been allowed or are formatted incorrectly.


Outer Ansible – Sends and recieves information wirelessly.


Inner Ansible – Interprets neural patterns to extract thought information, implants computed thought information


Processor – Translates information into a computable format. Sometimes acts as a translator. (AKA Pre-Processor)


Translator – Intermediate device that translates information into a palatable format for the reciever. (AKA Post-Processor)


Quantam Teleporation Network (QTN) – Recieves information on one side and transmits it to another. (QTN node α ↔ QTN node β)



Personα ↔ I/O*α ↔ Firewall ↔ Processorα ↔ Firewall ↔ Outer Ansible ↔


Direct Personal Communication

Personα ↔ I/O*α ↔ Firewall ↔ Processorα ↔ Firewall ↔ Outer Ansible ↔ Outer Ansibleβ ↔ Firewall ↔ Processorβ ↔ Firewall ↔ I/O*β ↔ Personβ

(Shortened: Ansible α ↔ Ansible β)


Indirect Personal Communication

 Ansibleα ↔ Translator ↔ Ansibleβ

*Ocular I/O, Auditory I/O, or the Inner Ansible


Long-Distance Personal Communication

Ansibleα ↔ Translatorα ↔ QTN ↔ Translatorβ ↔ Ansibleβ


Auto – Driverless vehicle 


Automaton – Machine that can be controlled with an Ansible, increasing the user’s strength and resistance.


Android – Humanoid Robot with Artificial intellegence constructed to be slightly better than the average human. Can interface easier with processors and automated devices. (110-125% human intellegence, human strength, etc.)


Display Point – Location where information can be displayed to facilitate group-thinking.(AKA hologram)


Display Area – Location where a group can experience the same simulated surroundings.(AKA holodeck)

Sol: Type 2

from July 21, 2015 at 11:18pm
Why am I looking at this?
If I tagged you it is because you are artistic, are a writer, are knowledgeable in a field that I am not, or just like sci-fi. I also had to write this down because it was clogging my thoughts. I would like to create an animated Sci-Fi YouTube series based in the near future where Earth has begun the transition into being a Type 2 civilization on the Kardashev scale.

Kardachev Scale:
Type 1: civilization can harness a whole planet’s power.
Type 2: civilization can harness a whole star/ solar system’s power.
Type 3: civilization can harness a whole galaxy’s power.
(Beyond Type 3 is disputed some say cluster, some say supercluster, some say universe. I’ll ask species 8472)

The Main Concept:
Earth is mostly unified. There are about 10 billion people. Habitats are being built all across the Solar System (See the History below circa 2035). Crews of occupational STEM+ (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) work on the projects from the photosphere to the Kuiper Belt. The focus will shift between crews, and sometimes see crews interact. It takes the fastest ship 5 hours to reach the inner edge of the Kuiper Belt, most take 10 hours initially. (c = speed of light = 7.21435969 AU/Hr [5Hr to 30AU=5.77AU/Hr or .8c])

Gravitational Sheilding – Vehicles have the option to distort the influence gravity has on them in order to slingshot themselves around a gravitational body, or avoid its influence completely.*

Alpha Fusion Units – Alpha Particles (Helium-4 nuclei) are fused to create unstable Berylium-8, which eventually fuse with the Alpha Particle to make the very useful Carbon-12, which after a long time can fuse with the Alpha Particle to form Oxygen-16. (This is used far from Deuterium sources)✝*

Deuterium Generators – Generators fuse Deuterium (Hydrogen-2) to create Alpha Particles. (This is used in Fuel-Ships, Shipyards, and the plants on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune)✝*

Graphene Plating – The hull of ships is made of Carbon-12 Graphene and Graphene Oxide plates that can absorb most forms of radiation, act as a battery/capacitor, and information storage. (later on Sodium Bismuthate is used) ✓

Quantam Networks – Subatomic particles that have correlated inverse properties are encased in a diamond-like material, and when measured after seperating can transmit changes made to one side instantaneously to the other allowing data to pass through. ✓

(* = theoretical right now, ✝= based on stellar nucleosynthesis, ✓ most of this has been done in a lab)

History/Backstory (boring until 2035):

2028 – US interventionism begins to lessen. Major infrastructure projects are started to soften the blow from militaristic job loss, while also slowly cutting the 750 billion yearly military budget. 1 dollar for every 5 dollars that were spent on militarism. Veterans get first employment.

2031 – After three years of decreasing world presence, The US ends its interventionism abroad, particularly South America leading to a stronger Organization of American States (OAS). US infrastructure projects have decreased to 100 billion annualy. The military has more meteorlogical/missile defense/coast guard drones patroling just inside international waters than active military personel. The military budget is 200 billion.

2032 – The US (including the OAS), China, the EU and Russia (including the Commonweath Federation) agree to only fund new endevaors in nations through the IMF, and only deal with social problems in countries at their request, or overwhelming demand agreed apon by 3 of the “Big 4”. India, The Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and Islandic-Pacific AusAsia (IPAA) make up the “Little 4” and are the main beneficearies of IMF and UN aid.

2034 – Global Military Expenditure drops below 1% of World Gross Domestic Product. With the world loosely aligned, Scientists and Engineers push us beyond the threshold for a Type 1 civilization.

2035 – Construction of a habitation ring from nanobot-mined Near Earth Objects (NEOs) begins, signaling progress towards a type 2 civilization2037: Earth’s habitation ring is nearing completion. Construction of a Venusian habitation ring from objects near Venus begins. Aeroponics gardens are boyant in the clouds at 1 atmosphere in the Venusian atmosphere. Extremophiles are introduced to Venus and Mars to begin manipulating them to harbor life more easily. Basic materials are parcipitated into the Venusian atmosphere.

2039 – Nanobots start to mine the Main belt. Humans debate creating a Solar habitation ring or the beginings of a Dyson Sphere.

2040 – Comprimise is made and the equatorial region of a Dyson Sphere-esque habitation ring is started. (This is most likely where the series begins.)

My Endorsement of Rand Paul

We started down the road of Welfare liberalism in 1913 with the beginning of the Income Tax. In the 1920s we doubled down and used government spending to renew the country, rather than renewing freedom. Every step we take today has the option for freedom, but everyday we reject it for populism.

Rand Paul is the road not taken, insofar as he represents the ability to renew our freedom for the benefit of the nation, and the world.

Pure, Unadulterated Ignorance

America is not a Country,
It is not a Democracy,
and the national language is not English.

The United States is a Country,
It is a Constitutional Republic
(that is now operating as an Corporate Welfare Oligarchy),
and there is no national language.

You are under no obligation to know what any of that means, and that is the worst part of living in a free society: Ignorance. Because operating under ignorance in your everyday life is tantamount to drunk driving through life.

Hatred is not quite our national ideal (yet), but ignorance allows us to visit the horrors upon one another like we do hate one another. We lie about our origins while whitewashing our history.

We were considered terrorists for bucking off English rule, and loyalists who supported the old country felt oppressed moved to Canada. We only won because of outside help and the uprising in India. Plus it was harder for their Eurocentric minds to kill other Europeans, whereas the indigenous peoples look less like us physically and culturally.

You can maintain an ignorant view, just don’t distort history to do so. And I’m not talking about symbols. I’m talking about facts. The immigration legislation in this country is broken. Support for closing the border is the middle class not wanting to pay more into welfare, and the poor not wanting to move further down in society. That contradicts capitalism, which would help immigrants and citizens alike, and is supposed to be the great evil. So I guess you’re a communist because you believe that welfare is more important than freedom, or economic mobility? You are and Autocrat because you think these laws are more important than lives?

No? Then stop arguing that people trying to better their lives are hurting you. You are hurting you, and them with this pointless legislation that only benefits the rich. With a new population, there would be increased demand on materials, price would increase, new economic sectors for some in the middle class to move up into the rich, and some blue collar workers to become white collar workers.

It is ludicrous to say that our immigration policy is for the good of the masses, or that people should not be escaping with their lives from oppressive regimes and warlords in the middle east.

Islam has been a constant in the middle east for 1400 years. It does not cause the violence. Al-gebra? Invented there. What has also been constant, in the past 80 years, is the destabilization of the Middle East through incessant and flippant foreign policy by the United States. This can be shown in dollars, in weapons, in dictators, and in warlords. Assad is just one in a long line of western-backed leaders that is struggling to maintain his power in the country he once ruled.

We must let the people have freedom. No one man’s freedoms or rights should interrupt another man’s freedom. We have the right to security. We have the right to declare war. We have the freedom to obtain. But when we use these things to obstruct others, we are perverting the very concept of which we partake.

So to blame others who are suffering for our mistakes – telling them to suck it up with the warlords, weapons, and dollar-backed regimes rather than allowing them freedom for sake of our comfort is pure, unadulterated ignorance.


Islamic Extremism: Child of Interventionism

As we are hyper-aware of ISIS thanks to the media, I want to ask my hawkish friends, where has Islamic extremism been? Where was it 35 years ago? What is the different between then and now?

It is an easy answer. They have always existed. We buy their fringe groups to fight each other. We have installed and deposed dictators for at least six decades in that region. You don’t think that causes instability?

What else have we done? We give out weapons. So not only are they able to fight one another, they can fight us, and torture their own people. All of those horrors visited upon one another, the bigger groups blame on us. That’s how they come here. That’s how they became strong. We gave them a unifying outside enemy.

Still people think that intervening is the solution. We can’t keep giving them weapons. That is the reason there is this mass exodus into Europe. Our guns. The entire reason Al Qaeda attacked us was Osama’s exile from Sudan in 1996 that was a result of pressure by the US. We caused it with our dumbness.

“Terrorising you, while you are carrying arms on our land, is a legitimate and morally demanding duty. These youth are different from your soldiers. Your problem will be how to convince your troops to fight, while our problem will be how to restrain our youths to wait for their turn in fighting and in operations.”
– Osama Bin Laden 1996

“There is America, full of fear from its north to its south, from its west to its east. Thank God for that. What America is tasting now is something insignificant compared to what we have tasted for scores of years. Our nation [the Islamic world] has been tasting this humiliation and this degradation for more than 80 years. Its sons are killed, its blood is shed, its sanctuaries are attacked, and no one hears and no one heeds.”
-Osama Bin Laden 2001

How can we say we did not create these monsters in our own image? How can our solution be more of the same?