Faith is Commitment, Religion is Discipline

I was thinking about the devotion that following Christ entails. On the most basic level, going to church buildings is a discipline developing obedience.

Timeliness was implemented in my family early on. We had dinner at 6, and were in our room by 8, with lights out by 9. The discipline built our commitment, and the commitment enabled our discipline.

Jesus is selfless. The man who was fully God died for sins he did not commit, so we would know mercy. He chose to serve, rather than be served, so that we might know grace.

Imagine if we had a generation of timely, committed, disciplined, selfless, merciful, and gracious people. On time, working for others, a tithe of forgiveness, and a offering of help.

We don’t need authorities to tell us how to do these things, we need the self-control to implement them ourselves. I was lucky enough to have them implemented in my childhood, and perhaps I’ve strayed from them, but I recognize my mistakes because of them. It is the law from love.


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