Sol: Type 2

from July 21, 2015 at 11:18pm
Why am I looking at this?
If I tagged you it is because you are artistic, are a writer, are knowledgeable in a field that I am not, or just like sci-fi. I also had to write this down because it was clogging my thoughts. I would like to create an animated Sci-Fi YouTube series based in the near future where Earth has begun the transition into being a Type 2 civilization on the Kardashev scale.

Kardachev Scale:
Type 1: civilization can harness a whole planet’s power.
Type 2: civilization can harness a whole star/ solar system’s power.
Type 3: civilization can harness a whole galaxy’s power.
(Beyond Type 3 is disputed some say cluster, some say supercluster, some say universe. I’ll ask species 8472)

The Main Concept:
Earth is mostly unified. There are about 10 billion people. Habitats are being built all across the Solar System (See the History below circa 2035). Crews of occupational STEM+ (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) work on the projects from the photosphere to the Kuiper Belt. The focus will shift between crews, and sometimes see crews interact. It takes the fastest ship 5 hours to reach the inner edge of the Kuiper Belt, most take 10 hours initially. (c = speed of light = 7.21435969 AU/Hr [5Hr to 30AU=5.77AU/Hr or .8c])

Gravitational Sheilding – Vehicles have the option to distort the influence gravity has on them in order to slingshot themselves around a gravitational body, or avoid its influence completely.*

Alpha Fusion Units – Alpha Particles (Helium-4 nuclei) are fused to create unstable Berylium-8, which eventually fuse with the Alpha Particle to make the very useful Carbon-12, which after a long time can fuse with the Alpha Particle to form Oxygen-16. (This is used far from Deuterium sources)✝*

Deuterium Generators – Generators fuse Deuterium (Hydrogen-2) to create Alpha Particles. (This is used in Fuel-Ships, Shipyards, and the plants on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune)✝*

Graphene Plating – The hull of ships is made of Carbon-12 Graphene and Graphene Oxide plates that can absorb most forms of radiation, act as a battery/capacitor, and information storage. (later on Sodium Bismuthate is used) ✓

Quantam Networks – Subatomic particles that have correlated inverse properties are encased in a diamond-like material, and when measured after seperating can transmit changes made to one side instantaneously to the other allowing data to pass through. ✓

(* = theoretical right now, ✝= based on stellar nucleosynthesis, ✓ most of this has been done in a lab)

History/Backstory (boring until 2035):

2028 – US interventionism begins to lessen. Major infrastructure projects are started to soften the blow from militaristic job loss, while also slowly cutting the 750 billion yearly military budget. 1 dollar for every 5 dollars that were spent on militarism. Veterans get first employment.

2031 – After three years of decreasing world presence, The US ends its interventionism abroad, particularly South America leading to a stronger Organization of American States (OAS). US infrastructure projects have decreased to 100 billion annualy. The military has more meteorlogical/missile defense/coast guard drones patroling just inside international waters than active military personel. The military budget is 200 billion.

2032 – The US (including the OAS), China, the EU and Russia (including the Commonweath Federation) agree to only fund new endevaors in nations through the IMF, and only deal with social problems in countries at their request, or overwhelming demand agreed apon by 3 of the “Big 4”. India, The Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and Islandic-Pacific AusAsia (IPAA) make up the “Little 4” and are the main beneficearies of IMF and UN aid.

2034 – Global Military Expenditure drops below 1% of World Gross Domestic Product. With the world loosely aligned, Scientists and Engineers push us beyond the threshold for a Type 1 civilization.

2035 – Construction of a habitation ring from nanobot-mined Near Earth Objects (NEOs) begins, signaling progress towards a type 2 civilization2037: Earth’s habitation ring is nearing completion. Construction of a Venusian habitation ring from objects near Venus begins. Aeroponics gardens are boyant in the clouds at 1 atmosphere in the Venusian atmosphere. Extremophiles are introduced to Venus and Mars to begin manipulating them to harbor life more easily. Basic materials are parcipitated into the Venusian atmosphere.

2039 – Nanobots start to mine the Main belt. Humans debate creating a Solar habitation ring or the beginings of a Dyson Sphere.

2040 – Comprimise is made and the equatorial region of a Dyson Sphere-esque habitation ring is started. (This is most likely where the series begins.)


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