Sol: Type 2: Part 2: More Subtitles: More Pseudoscience

from July 22, 2015 at 11:03am

I realized I left out some stuff out. (Kind of unbveleiveable if you read the last note)


More Pseudoscience


Ocular I/O – Device located on the temple to implant and extract visual information.


Auditory I/O – Device located behind the ear to implant and extract sound information.


Firewall – Blocks outside requests for information that have not yet been allowed or are formatted incorrectly.


Outer Ansible – Sends and recieves information wirelessly.


Inner Ansible – Interprets neural patterns to extract thought information, implants computed thought information


Processor – Translates information into a computable format. Sometimes acts as a translator. (AKA Pre-Processor)


Translator – Intermediate device that translates information into a palatable format for the reciever. (AKA Post-Processor)


Quantam Teleporation Network (QTN) – Recieves information on one side and transmits it to another. (QTN node α ↔ QTN node β)



Personα ↔ I/O*α ↔ Firewall ↔ Processorα ↔ Firewall ↔ Outer Ansible ↔


Direct Personal Communication

Personα ↔ I/O*α ↔ Firewall ↔ Processorα ↔ Firewall ↔ Outer Ansible ↔ Outer Ansibleβ ↔ Firewall ↔ Processorβ ↔ Firewall ↔ I/O*β ↔ Personβ

(Shortened: Ansible α ↔ Ansible β)


Indirect Personal Communication

 Ansibleα ↔ Translator ↔ Ansibleβ

*Ocular I/O, Auditory I/O, or the Inner Ansible


Long-Distance Personal Communication

Ansibleα ↔ Translatorα ↔ QTN ↔ Translatorβ ↔ Ansibleβ


Auto – Driverless vehicle 


Automaton – Machine that can be controlled with an Ansible, increasing the user’s strength and resistance.


Android – Humanoid Robot with Artificial intellegence constructed to be slightly better than the average human. Can interface easier with processors and automated devices. (110-125% human intellegence, human strength, etc.)


Display Point – Location where information can be displayed to facilitate group-thinking.(AKA hologram)


Display Area – Location where a group can experience the same simulated surroundings.(AKA holodeck)


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