Pure, Unadulterated Ignorance

America is not a Country,
It is not a Democracy,
and the national language is not English.

The United States is a Country,
It is a Constitutional Republic
(that is now operating as an Corporate Welfare Oligarchy),
and there is no national language.

You are under no obligation to know what any of that means, and that is the worst part of living in a free society: Ignorance. Because operating under ignorance in your everyday life is tantamount to drunk driving through life.

Hatred is not quite our national ideal (yet), but ignorance allows us to visit the horrors upon one another like we do hate one another. We lie about our origins while whitewashing our history.

We were considered terrorists for bucking off English rule, and loyalists who supported the old country felt oppressed moved to Canada. We only won because of outside help and the uprising in India. Plus it was harder for their Eurocentric minds to kill other Europeans, whereas the indigenous peoples look less like us physically and culturally.

You can maintain an ignorant view, just don’t distort history to do so. And I’m not talking about symbols. I’m talking about facts. The immigration legislation in this country is broken. Support for closing the border is the middle class not wanting to pay more into welfare, and the poor not wanting to move further down in society. That contradicts capitalism, which would help immigrants and citizens alike, and is supposed to be the great evil. So I guess you’re a communist because you believe that welfare is more important than freedom, or economic mobility? You are and Autocrat because you think these laws are more important than lives?

No? Then stop arguing that people trying to better their lives are hurting you. You are hurting you, and them with this pointless legislation that only benefits the rich. With a new population, there would be increased demand on materials, price would increase, new economic sectors for some in the middle class to move up into the rich, and some blue collar workers to become white collar workers.

It is ludicrous to say that our immigration policy is for the good of the masses, or that people should not be escaping with their lives from oppressive regimes and warlords in the middle east.

Islam has been a constant in the middle east for 1400 years. It does not cause the violence. Al-gebra? Invented there. What has also been constant, in the past 80 years, is the destabilization of the Middle East through incessant and flippant foreign policy by the United States. This can be shown in dollars, in weapons, in dictators, and in warlords. Assad is just one in a long line of western-backed leaders that is struggling to maintain his power in the country he once ruled.

We must let the people have freedom. No one man’s freedoms or rights should interrupt another man’s freedom. We have the right to security. We have the right to declare war. We have the freedom to obtain. But when we use these things to obstruct others, we are perverting the very concept of which we partake.

So to blame others who are suffering for our mistakes – telling them to suck it up with the warlords, weapons, and dollar-backed regimes rather than allowing them freedom for sake of our comfort is pure, unadulterated ignorance.



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