Death & Taxes: The Inevitability of Stringent Instability


“Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” – Ben Franklin

“The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.” – Will Rogers

Politicians, almost as if it was their job, amend this statement to their liking. Much like an idiom, the context and intent of their actual work can become very convoluted.

We are constantly told about how bad illegal immigration is.
Why is it bad for us? Why is it illegal? Why are all these people coming here illegally? How difficult is it to get citizenship?

If you’re the average voter, you don’t care about knowing this side of these things. You heard a vague statistic that says that the middle class ends up paying for the taxes that immigrants skip out on, and the schooling and medical care they receive. It is true, but you also already pay for that for the poor. Which leads us to…

There are the poor, the middle class and the rich. The argument between the Republicans and the Democrats is which of these is causing the nation’s problems. That argument is an illusion. The rich are on both sides, and they agree on one thing: More Government. So slowly we move towards a more totalitarian state, because populism is giving the masses what they want, and totalitarianism is going to tell them how to live their lives. Reading this, you may say “Hey, you said you are going to talk about welfare.” Well I am, because why do you think that the burden of the poor is felt by the middle class? The rich know how to divide themselves from the poor so that the middle class feels the burden. This will always be so, so how do we fix it? Less government. More freedom.

Populism is Totalitarianism
The common thread here is that government programs require bureaucracy that is unchecked by the public. All the checks and balances in the world won’t work without the people being informed and understanding what is happening, because that is all bureaucracy checking on itself, so that turns into a quid pro quo situation very quickly.

So all you people supporting an average Republican or Democrat are actually just putting someone in power who is Populist, and likely a Totalitarian. The only way to make life more free, decrease harmful spending, and stop deflating the currency is to stop intervening in things the federal government has no business doing. That is the entire intent behind the Bill of Rights.

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This is the reason that Rand Paul is the only good choice for the United States.


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