Death of a Policeman

I have tried very hard for a very long time to be neutral about the spirit that is in this nation. I have no qualms about telling you that both sides of pretty much every argument in this nation are wrong, and in-and-of themselves polarizing.

“You’re either for Us or against Us”

The politics of this nation do not represent the people of this nation, therefore the policies of this nation do not represent this nation. Furthermore, this policy is enacted by public servants who do not interpret the law, but are bound by it. This is the executing part of the executive branch. The Military, and Police.

I can tell you that the men and women in these forces are conflicted. All of them? No, there will always be an unthinking majority. This is where these people honestly represent the public, in the way that the public does not want.

Because the public also has an unthinking majority. The people do not know what governs them. The police do not know what governs them. The military does not know what governs them. Without education, ignorance seeks power or authority.

Some are asking that we respect cops. Some are asking that cops respect us. Very few see it as a two-way street. Those who respect cops defend cops. Those who ask for respect defend the disrespected. Both of these are absolutes that do not beg the question “is the person we support wrong?”

In many cases, both sides are wrong. Who is more wrong? Why?
This requires thinking, and an unthinking majority accepts the polarized thought, rather than creating their own.

An informed opinion is never based on somebody else’s opinion, lest you empower others to do your thinking for you.” – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

I understand that one group of people feels misrepresented by the authority of outsiders coming into their neighborhoods. I know that those authorities do not follow proper protocol all the time.

Where the entire dynamic breaks down is when someone injures, maims, or kills someone without provocation. This recent string of cop killings is ludicrous. Revenge is not Justice. Revenge is barely Vigilantism.

But the death of one does not merit the death of another. Two wrongs do not make a right. Turn the other cheek. There are better ways of dealing with societal problems than escalating them further. If you are going to wreck into a tree, you don’t accelerate, you brake.

The law must be interpreted. The law was written to help. If the law does not help, it must be changed. If the law being ignored can help more people than the law being followed, then we must ignore the law, but in ignoring the law we must understand its meaning before we discard it. We also must understand the law before it is enforced.
(this is why I watch the Andy Griffith show)

We must properly represent ourselves. We must become educated. We must care for one another. We will always have different ways of doing that; it is cultural. But our culture, our things, our lives are not more important than the community.


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