I can do all things through Cultural Christianity

Original Post

The OP writer has a Culturally Christian view. Even Christ denied acknowledgement from the demons of who he was. He told the people he healed to tell only the Priests.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” is not an affirmation of what I can do, but of how powerful Christ is.

So if anyone says “Ron is great”
I say “Sometimes”
or “That can be disputed”
or “Not really.”

That’s why Christianity is where it is today. Because we accept the laurels intended for Christ.

It is totally understandable to sympathize with the situation, but self-aggrandizing is just a gateway to harder substances sins. The King of All denied himself. Self-denial is just another stage of self-government.

I really don’t want to sound judgmental,  I just wanted to point out the systemic problem. Cultural Christianity is the biggest stumbling block to faith in the world today.


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