My love/hate relationship with the U.S. Marine Corps

A more appropriate title might be “Why I hate the Corps but love Marines.”

Because there is a lot of stupidity. Individually, and Organizationally. But it takes something special to become the 1% (Marines) of the 1% (Military). And I’m not saying I’m special, or some unique flower, but on average the Marine is a different breed from the other forces. The Marines care about one another, as little or as much as they profess it. No matter how much I hated a guy at work, it still made my blood boil when I heard they were in trouble. No matter how ignorant, irreverent, illogical, or idiotic they were.

But today was a great day for the World. Some U.S. servicemembers took down a guy wielding an AK and 300 rounds (bullets). That is like 300 lives saved. It is actually taught to not intervene in these kinds of situations, but that goes against every fiber of being a Marine.

And I vehemently oppose the U.S. being the world police. It is because of bureaucracy, it is because of the nonchalance of the bloated branches (Army, mostly). Most Marines see the people of the world as people. The average U.S. Citizen does not.

Counterintuitively, this is why we must stop intervening in remote parts of the world.

One of the servicemembers is thought to be in critical condition. It is hard to emote what pain it is to know a brother is in pain.
It is much harder to express how passionately angry you can get when you know that many politicians see these guys as numbers and statistics, and can sacrifice them for no legitimate reason. Whether that be because they paint Weapons of Mass Destruction on a satellite image and lie to the United Nations (George W. Bush), or not listening to wise advice and putting an embassy in a blowback situation (Hillary Clinton, CIA)

So if it ever seems like I talk about politics too much, it is because the lives of heroes like these Marines are on the line. Not because of something they did, not because someone is threatening our Nation, but because some crotchety old people think that their lives are less important because they signed up. It is truly the opposite, they have become more in order to do more.

**in light of more factual information this post has been altered.**


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