Islamophobia and Regressiveness

Today’s intellectuals take issue with today’s church. The looming question is do they have a point?

Early in the rise of Islam, Algebra was invented in the Middle-East. In fact, the Middle-East was far more advanced than European Nations of the time. Subsequently, the Islamic Caliphate took over North Africa and regions in southwest Europe. Shortly there afterward, in their hubris, there was a movement to reject this academic progress they attained. This lost them all the territorial gains and scientific progress they had made.

So the question is do today’s intellectuals have a point? I won’t ask anyone to believe in anything that they feel is against God, but throughout time there are the devout who persecute science, the devout who simply reject science, and the devout who discover the mysteries of God that are science. Let us not be a stumbling block to progress, because this is a stumbling block to these intellectuals. Let us not think ourselves greater than other people group.

We see ourselves as some kind of perfection which is arrogant and unkind. During their golden age, the Islamic Caliphate discovered and named the majority of the stars in the sky. Just because today we have, and they have not, does not mean that we lord it over or claim ourselves supreme. We have done nothing to warrant our smug superiority, and we need to return to humility.


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