staus quo

it seems like the majority of Americans really don’t give the slightest thought to education. we are holding our own students back making them stay in such a rigid pointless education system. the education system should actually grade and test students based apon their skills, not measure them against a standard. whether technical skills are rated from day one or each individual subject is graded and a student is advanced due to aptitude, any system where students are falling behind the rest of the modern word is doing them a disservice.


and whatever happened to competition? we need another cold war. or some kinds of arms or space race, because we’ve outsourced all our manufacturing, but we still have raw materials.

ive been meaning to post on an idea for quite awhile, the current government is failing us. there are too many hands in too many wallets, and there is to much legislation on how who should live when. we should have a government for the people and by the people. its time we move our representative democracy towards a more direct democracy. but i guess i’ll pound that out later.


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