late night thoughts

warning this is religious.

because i know someone will be complaining if they randomly
stumble apon this link

i was just feeling bad about not being obvious enough with my faith

but is the best way to spread the word with words or direct?

is it okay just to be different enough and hope people ask why?

do all Christians have to be boisterous?

or is it just sin nature telling me that its okay, dont worry?

you are fine.

is it “do as much as possible” or “do what you feel lead to”

its the #1 job we need to do. its the most important thing someone can share.

but what is the right way  to do it?

Jesus is the model, but we can’t do that it would be blasphemy.

sharing the good news.

id suppose since everyone is different, everyone has a different way. works  are a resultant of faith.

if thats true, im guessing having more faith would result in more works.

ooh, sting.



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