bureaucrat bill

bureaucrat bill
who lives in capital hill,
you drink for free,
you eat on me,
fly to dubai,
first class in the sky,
please slow down,
think hometown.

who knows what goes on with ron?
localize and minimize
because local guys see the burdened eyes.
separation from the needs puts them in your weeds,
and your on the pristine fertilized green,
getting your kicks with other fat cat pricks.

the job is to know how to get lobbied
spending money like its copied
vote your own raise
every couple of days
life really gets good
out the old neighborhood

you may say its essential
and we are just provincial
i assure you it isnt, we arent
i implore before you depart
knock on a door
or take a quick tour
look at the faces
sending you to places
their pockets are empty
countryside or city

it boils down to this
and please dont miss
the federal government
doesnt know what is meant
by freedom, or rights,
they turn off the lights,
and choose not to read ’em

let us live and see
the USA be
the land of the free
and the home of the brave
and dont have to slave
to be limited and taxed
with credit cards maxed

lighten the burden
im just puttin the word in
we dont need to be
our own enemy


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