The things i know are the hardest to believe

why is it the things i know i find the hardest to believe?

i know i know

i tell my self so

the truth it hurts

so reading past where its defined

makes it all better inside my mind

is it better that end justifies the means

no matter the shedding of greens

is it was it will it be this way

i dont remember this in my play

the things i know are the hardest to believe

and the hardest to restart after any repreive

down in the depth i know what is true

and it all restarts when i am blue

but the path being easy and beaten

just brings me back to where ive been eaten

why are the things i know the hardest for me to accept?

i know i know

ive seen this show

but this channel is just so easy to watch.

will i ever be cured

are always be lured

can it be so

i’d like to know

and is there a twist

because i’d be a miss

i know its the hardest to believe

but ill accept it tommorrow

and the same ill borrow

until the debt is reset.


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