stolen golden past future

its hard, when you know
how things, they go
and you feel like
you’re just a tyke
because your past
it didnt last
and what you aimed for
just walked out the door
cant seem to ignore
that lost future lore
why did it play out this way
and why am i here today
i dont know what i did
did i even have a bid
does a path have a set begining and end
or is it just a circumstantial trend
could it even bend
or was it more of a send
do things happen on purpose
is it all really up to us
the future is out there waiting
and all of our enimies hating
it wont be long until its all over
were you a sitter or were you a mover
what will define you in their mind
will you be the one who was lagging behind
or were you the one up at the top
the one who when they did stop
was there to pick up another
to admit i was there brother
i guess thats an answer but then
was that destined again?

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