infrequent at best

always expect more from yourself than you do of others. because if you dont expect of yourself how can you expect of others?
simple. but people dont think simply. over-complication is what makes us fail.
and no one seems to want to succeed. today the standard of success is the failure of others, or the conquest of using or taking from others. ill-gotten gain, is it actually gain? to you it may,  but in the grand scheme it seems some things can have more negative potential than they ever had positive.
and yet, as a “humanity” we don’t care one degree left or right of us. we are always focused on me and mine. that might work if some broadened their scope of theirs in a people sense.
thats why we have ideas such as socialism, and communism,basically ways to facilitate equality and care for all. the problem is that programs and governments have no hearts, and are impersonal.
no solutions today. i think the non-thinkers try to think today.

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