Take it from the Top

Oh. well,

I was going to be

elaborate but now I

will just be concise.

here we go:


– get rid of all the companies, or let them die

– create local mutual funds or just require that people have the funds set aside for what would regularly be insured, and if they do not have the funds, then put them in jail. the only rule to the insurance game would be, if you can’t cover your own accidents and debts you’ll pay it back behind bars. (the mutual fund or personal savings is what would kill the insurance company, and this is where all that extra hassle and all the middle men are taken out, because for a mutual fund you would only need one part-time assessor and one part-time accountant to distribute and receive funds.)

government and economy

– communities should become the main location for legislation (easier to enforce and more precise to the culture of the populous)

– taxes should be flat percentage for income and percentages on capital based on local legislation.

– the markets should be regulated only by the consumer. this includes stocks because the investor is a consumer. if its a disgusting company don’t invest in it. the point of the stock market is to support these companies, and if you support something you don’t like you were obviously only doing it for the money.

– industry, manufactured items and produce apply to the “self-regulation” as well. if you don’t want to dig out a sewer, then don’t take that job. if you don’t like the benefits of that job, then don’t take that job. it sounds like i think its that simple, but that’s because it is. its one’s own fault if they don’t have the leverage to get the benefits or job they want.

I’d like to break it down and get straight to the point here:

regulation is only there because we cannot handle the raw market ourselves, which speaks volumes about our culture, we trust investors who rely on these guides, and we have no clue about the markets or what we invest in. i’m being general here. thank you if you do know your investments and why you invest where.

insurance is for people who don’t have the funds to cover the bill immediately for damages or unexpected costs. so this makes a mutual fund the perfect touch for getting rid of insurance companies where you never get your money back.

government to be effective has to have a small populous to govern. so why not use the “united” to our advantage and do business as “states” and smaller sections, as communities because enforcing laws and making pertinent laws is much easier at the local level.

small community government could make better incentives for industry than could a state government, if they are allowed to do with the physical location and taxes what they please. a state and or federal government with a strong local base should really care less how they get $X from, just as long as they get the amount that they predefined they should get. the less rules you have higher up, the more flexible the legs can be to make strides forward.

I’m all about making progress, slimming down, removing waste, and removing bias from government. bipartisanship in our government is more like a unilateral movement by people acting to disagree. this is why these new government practices would be helpful, because regionalizing the laws breaks down the country to the point of variety, but not to the point of warring between one another. (national and state defense is overall a national issue, not state, and the only local defense should be like a neighborhood watch. in times of local distress then obviously national guard would be working with local government(s).

there was enough tangents there i think ill rest



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