think, plan, execute, and overcome.

when greed is the main driving force in the world, that is a bad indicator.
during thanksgiving, my uncle and i were talking about politics.
this is usual, and usually i try to choose the undefended side.
i cannot bring myself to defend the corrupt scum that is a large portion of Louisiana.

the corp of engineers. they want to pump river sand onto the ground costing us several hundred million dollars. hello, you put up the levees, so that the river wouldn’t have it’s crests and would not fill the sinking areas. so it floods? yeah that is natural. you don’t mess of the geography of the land to suit you, that puts everything out of whack. if you want to live in an area you deal with the geography. build your house up if it has flooding. but no we think we can change nature, so when we fail, we fail big. instead of harnessing and creating, we destroy and try to fight nature.

simple coastline restoration/ hurricane protection
step 1. build a series of walls along the coastline, increasing in height.
-this will promote seafloor development, and making fishing industry increase because it makes the current less powerful between walls.
-during hurricanes each wall takes the stress of the water’s current making surge minimal.
– whatever sediments are making it down the river will settle behind the walls.
-other things that i forgot because i type slow

step 2. kill two birds with one stone, where there is no drainage, and where streets approach canals and the river, have the drainage slant towards the body of water under the roadway, and raise the roadway where possible.
-since there is so much crime anyway have some troops deployed that do construction, and give the fed back some money. not really but that is a possibility, there are so many better scenarios than what the corp of engineers ends up doing, just because they are too lazy to be creative or care enough to to a job well.

step 3. there is no step three, that’s why it simple.
-it would cost less then dredging the sediment out of the river several hundred miles like is proposed by the corp of engineers now.

blah blah blah, ronald you think you know better than everyone.
no i care enough to think about it. and drainage and flood protection entails basic physics. yet these guys get paid to fail at their job continually.

this is not as highly edited as usual, so forgive me.

Ronald Richard Denenea II


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