To “God Hates Fags” (Westboro Baptist Church)

John 1
Jesus is the word. Did he not love and talk with those on the underbelly of society? How are we fulfilling the great commission by telling the world God hates them? Are you not making their hearts harder? God loves all of creation. He sent his son to die for it.

James 3
We are all imperfect. People of the world are creations of the Lord in the his own image. The Gospel is infallible. Which means you cannot withhold one part. The world needs the good news, once they have that no amount of bad news will turn their head.

It would seem what you are preaching is hate-speak. The Lord has his own wrath, does he need you to augment it? Do you catch more flies with honey or vinegar? Have you forgotten Christ’s mission for us, or is it that you have not died to preference?

I know I am a sinner. I know that those who choose to be gay is a choice of sin, because they do not know the love of God. You will not save them with your propaganda. I ask you to renounce your ways of splinter-pulling from their eyes and clear your own.

Love your brother and fellow part of the bride,
Ronald Denenea II


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