Dear Governor Jindal

I realize that Governor Jindal may never see this. If you do sir I apologize for the content saturated with opinion, but they are steeped in thought.

I am not for GOP health care reform. I am for anyone who is for small government, that does not dabble in private sectors except providing options that are revenue funded. None of these tax funded options that create more tax and more big government, that no one can compete with because they have income no matter their actual worth. Medicare and Welfare have gone on long enough. The government needs to provide options not assistance. One might say this is not very nice. I do not beleive a government should exude so much emotion to have people live off of them. The national government is so far away they just throw money at problems. Local government should be where all social programs run, that is if they are even needed. Government is not a philanthropy, that is why I beleive that the GOP is closer to clean government, but still not perfect.

Government health care should be just like private health care, so much so that it competes in the private sector. Again, I restate it should be a revenue funded program. I know it is not all as simple as saying, and that theoreticals are just that, but I ask you to find the true meaning of this nation and how it was founded. I beleive all the programs that are state-run (federal) could be boosting the economy, rather than taxing the civilians it is supposed to help. Welfare should be a job program, providing workers for state-run programs. They could earn the money they receive. Would it not be cheaper to have someone council these people, helping them balance books, and brainstorm ways to increase income than constantly having to pay out? Would it not help initiative, and decrease taxes? I beleive initiative in homes would be “trickle-down.”

Buying stock in a failing companies is obviously not a wise investment, otherwise they would not be failing. Buying capital, such as manufacturing plants is a good investment. You know this and I do not mean to insult your intelligence in any way. I beleive Washington is operating under mob mentality, and the buddy system. I would like to know how many of these so-called “representatives” and senators invested their own money in failing companies recently. I would like to know why if they serve the public, they have the right to have a health care plan better than ours, and they would not participate in our level of health care they plan to administer. I beleive people in the capital think they are far superior to the common man. If you think you are above someone, how much do you know that person? How can you represent someone you do not know? I do not mean every person in your districts, I mean have a general idea of your populous and know them enough that you could meet them all and they not think you a snob. I am not implying you, or any other specific politician, I am speaking in generalities.

Laws are not for one specific people. There is a diverse populous in this nation. Why not govern with this in mind? The federal government makes laws of who can marry and who gets tax breaks. Marriage should not be recognized legally. If you want to be fair, you do not judge someone by their lifestyle. I am a regularly attending member of Red Bluff Baptist Church in Folsom, La and I do not even think being gay is legitimate. What I do think is legitimate is government not judging lifestyles. So instead of legislating lifestyles from Washington, how about we actually write laws. If they wanted to be judges they should have put their name in for the Supreme Court. Roommates, married couples, and gay couples all should be taxed as they choose to be, jointly or not. I know a lot of the tax initiatives are to stimulate what the government sees to be healthy and happy families. What really is going on is Washington is out of touch with life on the local level. So again, small national government would help us out, and we could have the sin taxes on sugar and cigarettes locally, and adjust them on that level to add more balance to consumerism. I was a supporter of fair tax, but what should be kept in mind is that the federal government is no longer pertinent on the local level. It was never intended to be.

I do not know when D.C. decided it was time to define who is an American, but it needs to stop. It is what is wrecking this country. This is not everything wrong with the government, and I would really rather not be called a revolutionary. All the government is, has been, and seems to be planning to do is throw money at problems. I just urge that the essence of my ideas hold true in the minds of our nation’s leaders. The republicans have become supremacist, and the democrats are handing out taxes to those who do not deserve them. Someone needs to step up and reshape government back into the essence that was penned by Jefferson. I registered republican because I believed they wanted smaller government, but the way things have been going I have not seen that.

Sorry for the horrible content, writing, and grammar;

Ronald Richard Denenea II

P.s. This was directed towards you because I beleive you are a person who can shake up the GOP, and be considered a leader of it, as well as maybe being our next president. I do not know your feelings about these positions, but I hope somehow ideals like these will soon prevail in the minds of the nation’s leaders.


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