“I am going to be known for inventing the fastest cars and build the tallest buildings…”
-Some Kid

“I am going to profit from making the most expensive cars and the most expensive buildings….”
-Some Kid 20 years later

how morbid is reality?

short and sweet points:
we all worry about gain.
progress shouldn’t be driven by competition.
competition should be driven by progress.

long and narrow form:
we are more concerned with personal wealth than we are worried about progress in the world.
better products should not be because this company needs to be make more money than that company.
they should be making more money because this company has a better product than that company.

no one cares
and no one thinks about it.

but if we did,
what is the outcome;
what could possibly happen?

if we all decided to
not worry about wealth
as long as we moved towards
making hovercars
having an abundance of energy
stabilizing the atmosphere;
we stopped destroying as much, started creating more
and made our environment
cohabitate with the real environment

what happened to all the problems?
oh wait they are here,
this way we do things.

we are in our own way,
simply because
we are in our own way.

theoretical ronald,
it will never be it is
purely theoretical.

au contraire, was not human flight impossible 106 years ago?
now we theorizing using ion boosters to send men to mars.
we could have done it sooner if men were motivated by more than their own hungers.

and that is it.
we average in school because we don’t see the point,
just to get out of school so you can make a decent living and live a decent life.

when average become pinnacle in the human race?
decency, motivation, and humility are dead.
i done so good i are average.

and i do not mean to put down on those who cannot become more than what they are
but picking up the fallen is much easier when you aren’t laying down yourself.
lounging because you are done, wondering where is everyone else, why aren’t they here too?


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