It has never been any different.

“You have insulted the poor. Is it not the rich who are exploiting you?” – James 2:6 NIV

That is quoted approximately 1900 years old. Of course half the population will tell you its the most relevant old book there is.
It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe the book’s entirety for my point. We look down on those we perceive to below us. And those that even we perceive to be above us? We ask that they would treat us equally? Its another cast iron kitchenware rodeo. It sounds stupid, but that is what is going on. My solution is posted somewhere around here. You know that communism i suggested. You dont? Go read it.

And yet society keeps modeling itself after these people who do nothing but promote themselves, and their lifestyle. Being blind is not something you should choose to be. The current news media says something and automatically there is a crowd of morons repeating what they heard. There is a difference between orders, and information. If you act on it without serious digestion that is an order. People telling me the rich are conservatives. really? Then people telling me that Obama is looking to lead the new world order. really? Digestion does not include stretching out your food.

1. Choose what you ingest

2. Consume it

3. Break it down

4. Absorb the components.

5. Build with the components.

6. Throw away the unneeded and unwanted.

Pretty simple stuff. Then again disambiguation on each of those points could take hours. A diet is a part of a lifestyle. There is no starting or stopping a diet, unless you include birth and death. When people say they are going on a diet, they are going to adjust what they consume. Eating and the development of comprehension to action are quite similar.Now im sure whatever two people ever read this think i have gone off onto the subject of consuming rather than treating people correctly. Probably also worried that i never capitalize “i”. But note that i did not say treating people “the same” or “equally.”

“We are not the same I am a Martian” – Lil’ Wayne

Truthfully, we are not the same. We are not equals. You read better than i do. Lil’ Wayne’s words are more popular than mine. There is probably something i know how to do,  maybe. Now i’m not saying that there are actually Martians in our midst. We aren’t that different. We should treat each other with respect of our differences. We should analyze who is better at what, who has what skills but never separate ourselves from someone so far that we can openly ridicule them. If they are to be ridiculed, they will separate themselves. Analysis and choice are not ridicule; Exclusion is.


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