We like Sports

what is it with people?
just because you like a team doesn’t make them better.
just because a player has certain stats, doesn’t mean they are good either.

the consistent team usually wins. the team that doesn’t rely on big plays. the team who retains possession the longest.

not a team that counts its eggs before it picks them up. not one that is so confident it will make big plays that it plans the game on it. that is called arrogance.

good defense knows where the ball is, even when its on the ground or in the air.
good defense knows to retain gap integrity.

good offense knows that you cannot make there any less players on the other team.
good offense knows that you always have one man to beat, so don’t try to take on two, make the one free man farther from the ball.

good coaching knows that trick plays are a last resort or a luxury.
good coaching knows that sometimes you can’t always overcome, but you can always attempt to.

now ill call names.
les miles, you suck
drew brees, you suck
detroit coaches, realize that diversity will help you overcome.
new orleans coaches, realize that nearer to the end of the season your completions and touchdowns and yards will decrease, because everyone will know how to cover you.
nick saban keep on being personal.
urban meyer keep being consistent.
mark richt keep trying to get that explosion.
tim tebow learn how to disappear from the pocket, but know how to stay in it when needed.

i know it sounds like i think i know everything about football but i dont. just enough to know not to take the hype seriously.
“les miles is holding back” well he shouldn’t be
“drew brees is great look at his stats” look at the number of injuries his receivers sustain due to late deliveries and bad decisions.
“tebow is hurt he wont be able to run” he looked cautious, and more aware. you can’t intimidate those you have to cripple so that you aren’t intimidated.
seriously, why even worry about if a player is there, injured or not?
a team beats a team. one player doesn’t make a team. when one player strikes fear into a whole team, or the absence of one player breaks down a team, that is no team that is a covenant.


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