are things bad just because of their size?

everything is “big” today,

okay whats the point?

between people,
between classes,
between owner and employee,
between consumer and producer.

the system is not built to sustain people.
the system sustains itself.


  • we need something new.
  • we need a lot of new.

and really the system is not doing too well sustaining itself anymore.

example 001a
fed runs on taxes.
the more times capital changes ownership, the more tax money is spent less obviously. this is why walmart harms our economy.

its not their fault, its just doing business in the system.

the system has to be about how we do life.
not how we make money and consume and spend.

producers should win consumers by diversity, quality and just basic improvement.

consumers shouldn’t be whimsical on purchases, or investment.
that is why we are in the mess we are in. we don’t buy stock to invest in companies we support and think will have long term growth, we pick who will rise fast. the system is failing, because we are manipulating it, not fixing it.

the people who make decisions on what is made to be consumed worldwide are still feeding us the same basic products and technologies we have had for 40 years. do they want a legacy of inferior products? no, they are only worried about profit.

not ours. theirs.

we must become people and progress minded, or we will never be any better, or smarter.

self wealth is the most exalted thing in this world. maybe second. but the days of self should be over when we can communicate instantaneously and see suffering on the news everyday. buy sadly enough in a time of sharing, we are more reluctant and self focused than ever.

the protestant progression brought to the americas regressed to personal progression.

progress is not to blame.


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